How it works

This is a step by step explanation of how it actually works for an international student striving to get his/her education in Sweden to apply with our help. It’s a general overview of the process, so that you get an understanding of how to walk from point A to point B. More detailed information about the application process is available in How to Apply.

Step 1. Express your interest to study in Sweden. Maybe you have chosen your future university and study programme, or maybe you are still wondering what will be best for you. We are helping you to find relevant programme according to your interest.

Step 2. Get our guidance. We help you decide on the university and programme by making assessment of your educational background and preferences.

Step 3. Decision making. Based on the options suggested, you are to take a decision on where you would like to apply. In Sweden you are allowed to apply for 4 different programmes( in master levels also 4 programs in Bachelor levels) even in different universities. You are to prioritize them in order.

Step 4. We help you apply and check out all the documents necessary. We follow your application during its review time. We advice which scholarship could you apply for and help with the application process as well.

Step 5. Get the admission result and the result of your scholarship application. You can get the result for admission in the end of the March.

Step 6. Take a decision which study programme you accept in case if you are offered several programmes.

Step 7. Get in contact with the university you chose.

Step 8. Arrive to Sweden and start your exciting student life.

When turning to us you will get help with your application during min 6 months period starting from choosing a relevant for you university and study programme to your admission. We provide our guidance taking into account details specific for the country you are coming from.